MP Chartered Architects has an established track record and long-term commitment to sustainable design and the future of zero-carbon homes. 

We realise the importance of sustainability and that what we create today, will protect our tomorrows. 

We are committed to supporting the Government targets to tackle climate change and help achieve a sustainable future.  

With a strong background full of experience and expertise in this field we are dedicated to working together with our clients to develop cost-effective and energy-efficient sustainable buildings that are practical and affordable.

Every project we are commissioned on has a focus to lessen the impact of building development on the environment by suggesting better environmentally friendly materials and cleaner energy efficiency.

Our aim to always make the health and well-being of all inhabitants and the local ecosystem a paramount consideration.

We continue to enjoy a 27-year relationship with Essex Wildlife Trust that supports our ethos to recognise the importance of including design options that enhance habitats and ecosystems in response to the urgent demand for biodiversity, sustaining and increasing natural wildlife.

The MP Chartered Architects team, regularly attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses to increase our knowledge on eco-friendly architecture, energy-efficient materials, environmentally kind interior innovations, recyclable materials, green heating and cooling technology.

One of our most valued Senior Architects Dandi Passerini is a member of The RIBA East Sustainability Group, a BREEAM Associate, and our practice ‘Sustainability Champion’.  Dandi has a particular interest in Environmental impact & assessment and is currently studying to become a BREEAM Accredited Professional.  BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure, and buildings.  As BREEAM Accredited Professional, Dandi will ensure that building design achieves the targeted BREEAM rating.

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