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There are many interior design companies in Essex as well as many reputable Essex interior design firms whose names will pop up when you search on the internet for ‘interior designers near me’, but often there is confusion surrounding the term ‘interior design’.  When contemplating employing interior design companies in Essex, it is worth bearing in mind that interior design can be considered as having two elements; the consideration of spatial volume and the treatment of the surfaces.

Quite often there is a blurring of this division and sometimes confusion arises but it should be understood that architecture is a highly regulated field. When considering which Essex interior design firms to use, it is important to note that only a registered architect is trained and qualified to comment on such things as planning rules and regulations, as well as building construction details, planning legislation rules and safety regulations.  As they are working with the main structure of the property, only qualified architects are authorised to make changes to it – such as removing walls and lowering windows.

Making the building work for you – the consideration of spatial volume.

At MP Chartered Architects we always look at the shell of a building in conjunction with the internal space within that building, to ensure that there is synergy between the two elements.  Whether we are drawing up plans for a new build house, a residential extension, or a block of commercial flats or offices, it is important to us that the design of your building is made up of spaces that are not only functional to your specific needs but reflect your personality or business brand (or those of your intended end user).

As Chartered Architects not only will we be giving careful consideration to the layout and functionality of interior areas to create a design for our clients that is aesthetically pleasing, we will work to ensure that these spaces are structurally safe and functional as well.  Quite often we are ‘problem-solving’ for our clients; this will involve considering where walls are positioned, the height of ceilings, size of windows and how light is deployed.  We will be looking at meeting the needs of the people who are to use the building and factor in lifestyle elements such as a disability, hobbies or a need to accommodate different generations so that they can live harmoniously.

A collaborative approach to interior design in Essex

Our aim is always to work in partnership with you to design a building that meets your personal requirements.  It may be that a client wishes for a statement staircase to be incorporated into a new build house, or a developer wishes to build commercial flats and market them as residential homes for retired or disabled people.  A barn conversion may be undertaken where the client wishes the original features to remain and also bring in modern element to enhance and contrast with the original barn features.

As part of this process, our interior design architects can also prepare lighting layouts and electrical plans and we can also prepare indicative plumbing layouts. And while this is a cross over into the area of ‘surface treatment’, quite often our remit will extend to the flooring and lighting arrangements too.

The surface treatment – the finishing touches of ‘interior design’

Here the focus is on décor, ambient lighting, fabrics and furnishings. Some elements of this area of interior design cross over with the work on the design of the spatial volume of the building; notably when considering areas such as bathroom design layout; wall tiles; floor tiles and kitchen design layout as well as kitchen work surface finishes. Mostly this area of interior design is separate to the work involved in that of the design of a building’s interior spatial volume.

This side of ‘interior design’ – sometimes referred to as ‘interior decorating – is considered the fun part.  Quite often our clients have their own ideas, but others like to have detailed interior design input from ourselves and we are well qualified to provide this.  We can help you choose floor and wall tiles, bathroom fittings, design coffered ceilings, lighting layouts and work up detailed kitchen layouts.

We can confidently help you with up to date advice on design schemes that will pull together your whole lifestyle concept for the building.

You may feel that to get the most up to date advice on design trends you have to visit Essex interior design firms, however, as well as providing design advise ourselves, we also have contacts with our local specialist interior design contacts and lighting designers for more specialist schemes and usually for a commercial project a specialist mechanical and electrical consultant will need to be involved to design the electrical / lighting and mechanical / heating detailed layouts and associated specifications.

Whatever the project is we are working on, our objective is that at the end of the design process you will have a functional, yet warm and welcoming space that gives its users pleasure and represents a sound financial investment.

If you are making that search for ‘interior designers near me’ and you are looking for either a complete remodelling of a building or the refurbishment for the interior of an existing home, office or business we will be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

So, if you are looking for the best Interior Design architects in Essex, make sure to contact us today!

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