Project Specifics

New Housing, Property Developers
Beginning with a clear and level site, we proposed the construction of a pair of semi-detached houses, each thoughtfully designed to provide four bedrooms and two off-street parking spaces. Our proposal seamlessly blended into the existing urban fabric, aligning with the principles outlined in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) section 13, provisions explicitly 145 e and f, allowing for limited infilling within villages and towns. A joint commitment by developers Bertroy Homes and MP Chartered Architects to integrate greenery into the design is evident. Each dwelling has its own access and off-street car parking, providing convenience and privacy.
We proposed hedging and small trees at the front of the site, with a central hedge along the driveway. The inclusion of 1.8-meter high close-boarded fences surrounds the rear and sides of the dwellings. To provide privacy and define property boundaries. Furthermore, the allocation of more than 120 square meters of private outdoor space for the residents to enjoy.
The appearance of the buildings is a testament to the client’s dedication to maintaining a traditional, timeless aesthetic. Good choices of quality brickwork, rendered walls and tiled roofs, ensured the structures seamlessly blend into the local Roydon architectural context.
MP Chartered Architects create designs that resonate with the spirit of the surroundings while embracing modern living. This project exemplifies our dedication to enhancing communities through thoughtful and innovative architecture.

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