Stonehall House

Project Specifics

Residential Extensions

MP Chartered Architects played a pivotal role in the design and building control aspects of this remarkable project. Our team received a detailed brief, outlining the homeowner’s vision for the house extension and desired modifications.

Working closely with the client, we successfully executed extensions to both the rear and side of the property, seamlessly integrating the new spaces with the existing structure. The extensions were meticulously designed to enhance functionality and meet the specific requirements outlined by the client.

A notable aspect of the project involved a new roof for the entire property.  This new dimension to the property offered an increased space and a renewed sense of flow.

In addition, we embarked on a comprehensive transformation of the exterior. The building was re-clad using brick slips, providing a contemporary and refined appearance. The meticulous attention to detail in the re-cladding process ensured seamless external integration of the new facade with the existing architectural features.

As part of our commitment to meeting the client’s needs, we converted the existing garage into a gym, catering to the client’s desire for a dedicated fitness space. Furthermore, we are currently constructing a new garage to enhance parking and storage facilities on the property.

Stonehall House offers an enjoyable environment with outdoor entertainment facilities for both the family and guests.

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