Replacement Dwelling with New Basement

Project Specifics

New Housing

This plot of land once contained a small two-bedroom cottage. We were able to get permission to demolish this property and construct a three-storey chalet-style house in its place. The clients wanted a large property whilst making sure it didn’t look out of place. We designed a basement, underground, so that it couldn’t be seen, and it allowed us to add much more additional space. The first floor of the property is partly within the roof to keep the height down, but it still has plenty of room for four double bedrooms and two good-sized bathrooms.

Modern open-plan living was also key for this property, and the majority of the ground floor is all open, allowing for great social interaction between spaces. This also means that the building is light and airy, and with the use of bi-folding doors and roof lights, no part of the ground floor is dark.

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