Working With Property Developers In Essex

2023-06-13 13:22:23

Successful developers will agree that it is an intelligent decision to select an Architect at the beginning of your project to ensure the practicability and maximum financial gain for your investment.

MP Chartered Architects have a well-founded and successful history when it comes to working with property developers in Essex and beyond.

We work closely with developers prior to obtaining the property or land to establish the project aims, advise on the probability of what we believe the local planning departments will approve, deliver qualified data on the feasibility of the project and go on to prepare initial designs. 

This vital relationship and information allow a developer to draft a detailed brief, making knowledgeable decisions on the purchase of a site and its potential financial return.

All developer-led and larger-scale projects can be complex and carry an amount of risk. An Architect will support developers through this process and be clear on how to augment the ‘design and build’ budget for the quickest construction time and best return on investment.

As Chartered Architects, our biggest quality is to create a design scheme that is attractive to the market. Whether it is a new build project, a change of use initiative, improving the functionality of an existing building, or increasing the capacity of remaining premises, we can sketch a desirable plan.

Our RIBA-accredited Chartered Practice must comply with strict criteria that cover insurance, health and safety, and quality management systems.  This certification ensures a high level of customer service, the best in architectural expertise, and peace of mind throughout your development project.

If you are thinking about your next housing development, we would be pleased to hear from you and detail how our talented Chartered Architects can best materialise your vision.

  • Budget and cost guidance
  • Advice on local design constraints and Planning departments
  • Exceptional Design
  • On-site management, and support throughout the build

“Martyn is a talented Architect, a pleasant and trustworthy person to work with. He and his accomplished team played an integral part in creating the exceptional Herb Farm Granaries development”.

David Robins Manor Properties

Author: Jessica Parkes

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