Ugly House To Lovely House

2023-06-13 11:22:38

Millions of viewers have witnessed the transformation of homes in the UK’s Channel 4 TV series ‘Ugly House To Lovely House’ and noted the inclusion of an architect in these projects.

Improve, not move!

The message behind the programme has certainly inspired many to improve their home rather than go through the expense of upping sticks and moving to a new one.

This should be viewed as a very viable proposition for those who are settled in a particular area and are reluctant to move lock, stock and barrel.

Considerations when deciding to renovate:

Deciding to go ahead with major renovation work will certainly transform your home, but such a project must be viewed realistically. It is not going to be achieved without cost, inconvenience, challenges and potential delays.

To ease stress and ensure you achieve that lovely house let’s list xx major considerations you need to take into account before starting such a transformation.

Hiring an architect:

This really is a key requirement. Of course, you may very well have your own redesign plans in mind and these visions should be explained to a reputable architect to allow them to take your requirements into account.

A good architect will also come up with potential alternatives based on exactly what you are looking for. The cost of such a service should be seen as an extremely worthwhile part of your investment and it should be noted that many architectural firms will also offer a complete project management role which means that while you will be consulted every step of the way, you do not have to become so involved in the renovation work and making important decisions when faced with renovation issues that are unseen at the outset but often come up during such work.

Understand costs and keep some cash in reserve!

As can be seen from the programme episodes, the initial budgets for these renovations were all exceeded.

What this should tell you is that your anticipated final cost for such work will be more than you expect.

While you are obviously not looking for this to happen it should be catered for and a sensible percentage of the initial budget should be kept in reserve for any additional costs.

Do not overstretch yourself financially. If the complete renovation plan cannot be achieved with the finances you have then prioritise and complete the work in stages. While this is obviously not ideal, it is far better than getting into debt. It will also mean that each stage of work will be completed rather than leaving a section unfinished and untidy.

Prepare for disruption:

Think “Pain before gain!”. By its very nature restoration will cause disruption to your daily life. This must be prepared for and patience is imperative.

One way to cope with such disruption is to understand from your architect exactly how long such work is expected to last. This way you have a clear goal in mind and can tick off the days. You should also arrange for regular updates on progress to help you understand how the work is proceeding, whether is it on schedule and whether any problems encountered will add to the expected completion schedule.

Having a clear picture of progress will help greatly in calming all members of your household while you view such an ugly house as a lovely house transformation.

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