Two Magic Words – Permission Granted!

2023-06-13 12:13:47

Two Magic Words – Permission Granted!

Those powerful words…‘Prior Notification is required and is Granted’ have now become that little bit easier to achieve.

The recent announcement of the ‘General Permitted Development Order’ (GPDO) new rules for permitted development has been hugely significant for some of our clients who have been stuck in a planning permission struggle with the local council.

The new rules permit the construction of up to two additional storeys to an existing two-storey dwelling or one additional storey, where the dwelling consists of one storey. 

Our first project to benefit under this new directive is a beautiful home in Ongar.  

Our client wanted to add an additional storey to their existing property to accommodate growing family needs and more living space.

After going through the original process and being denied planning permission, the introduction of the new rules has now fast-tracked the prior approval and allowed their building work to be carried out without an official planning application.   

In theory, this all sounds simple but there are still some restrictions that need to be adhered to. Upwards extensions need to meet tight criteria, considering height, natural light, neighbour privacy, and the desired construction method.

A permitted development application must be accompanied by scaled architectural drawings, outlining the property, and proposed development. Our team of knowledgeable Architects helped our client understand the PD rules and how to make them work.  We supplied technical and creative drawings to support the proposal that was then ‘Granted’ in record time. Construction is now underway, and we are really excited to see the finished project.

Please contact us to discuss the vision for your project and our highly skilled team will help you understand how to truly make the most of the new rules and your home.

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Author: Jessica Parkes

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