Top Tips for Planning a House Extension

2023-06-13 10:49:46

Your home should be a comfortable retreat where you can live, unwind and have fun with your family and friends. When your house does not have sufficient space, this can be very limiting. To this end, many people will consider a house extension. This is a great way to optimize your current home. In addition to getting all the space and rooms you want, an extension will add value to your home. For any extension to be a success, proper planning is key. The following house extension tips shed more light.

Consider the design and type of extension needed

The first thing is to get professional help where extension design is concerned. An architect or a building designer should guide you in this respect. This is because an extension must be customized accordingly. The design professional has the expertise to inform you what is possible and what is not. The expert will plan on giving your home the most suitable extension after considering a variety of factors. One of the most important factors will be the purpose of the extension. You may need a larger living room, kitchen or a new room in the house with a designated purpose.

Factor in statutory requirements

House extensions of any kind are often subject to permission from local authorities. Therefore, you must make sure to comply with any provision. If you are not sure, contact your local municipality and find out what is required of you. Whether you are adding a new room, a new storey or just building a new wall, you have to adhere to the laid-out rules. Your professional draughtsperson or designer will also help you with building plans that must be submitted to your local planning authorities.

Decide in which direction the house extension will be constructed

This is one of the most important decisions to make. If you decide to utilize some backyard space for your extension, this will come with the implications of having a smaller yard. If you do not want to interfere with your space, consider taking your extension upward, in the form of a new story; this helps save space. When deciding where your extension will be, consider how your neighbours will be affected. Major projects can spill over and cause great inconvenience to those living around you. Some neighbors may object to certain projects and reasoning together can bring a way forward. Even though there is no legal requirement to have neighbours approve, it is good to observe good neighbourliness while promoting a conducive environment for all.

Keep track of all costs and have a clear budget

A house extension may often require the demolition of walls. This will add to the overall cost. Extra expenses like plumbing, tiling and electrical work will all add to the cost. In the long run, you may need to hire painters, plasterboard specialists and carpenters. Therefore, as you create your initial budget, you have to factor in all the elements. This way, you will get a clearer picture of how much is needed for the entire project.

Choose the ideal builder

A good builder will deliver the perfect extension so that you can enjoy your dream home. Therefore, be diligent to look for a professional with proven experience and impeccable workmanship. Also, discuss the finishing materials to be used to bring your extension to life. All the above steps will help you add comfort and value to your home through a suitable extension.

If you are currently considering a house extension and would like to talk to someone further, please contact one of our specialists who will be glad to help.

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