Top Roofing Choices is Essex

2023-11-21 14:01:58

We play a crucial role in designing the overall structure of a property, its aesthetic and functional elements, including the roof.  These days there are many types of roofs to choose from and factors to consider.  Your personal preference, climate considerations, local building regulations and the overall design of the building are key factors in the decision-making process.

What are the top roofing solutions in Essex?

Slate roofs are seen as the timeless, sophisticated elders of the roofing world. They are durable as well as elegant. A slate roof comes in a range of colours and adds a touch of class to any structure, so you can pick the one that complements your style. It is also a natural material and using it for your roof means you’re choosing a sustainable option. Slate is also fire-resistant.

We may suggest a green roof to make your home more biodiverse and environmentally friendly. Green roofs offer a range of benefits for home extensions. First off, they’re like nature’s hat for your house, providing insulation and reducing energy costs. They also absorb rainwater, which can be a big help in managing rainwater runoff. Plus, they look quite cool and can create a mini eco-friendly oasis giving the local small wildlife a green retreat on top of your home.

How about a solar roof to hold onto all that eco-friendly energy and save cash or if you’re a fan of high tech , there are even solar smart roofs. A smart roof typically refers to a roofing system that incorporates advanced technologies to enhance energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and overall functionality. These roofs often have sensors, and smart controls to optimise energy storage and usage, monitor the roof’s condition, and even contribute to the overall smart home or building system.

A blue roof is a rare choice but selected by some clients. Adding a blue roof to your extension could be a strategic move for effective water management. If your area is prone to heavy rainfall or has challenges with rainwater runoff, a blue roof can help mitigate these issues. By temporarily storing rainwater and controlling its release, a blue roof can prevent flooding and reduce the strain on your drainage systems.  It’s a smart solution to address water management challenges especially in an urban or densely populated area where traditional drainage systems may be struggling when we have downpours.

A wood roof will bring a natural and warm charm to any structure. It offers a unique, rustic look that’s hard to replicate.  However, wood roofs require a bit more TLC than some other materials. Regular inspections, treatments, and a watchful eye are the rules to keeping them in good condition and slowing down the ageing process.

And then we have zinc roofs, the unsung heroes of roofing! They come with a huge number of perks. First off, they’re ultra durable, resistant to rust, corrosion, and all that nasty weather business.

Zinc roofs are also quite versatile in terms of design. You can choose from a range of great colours or go for the natural weathering look, or pre-patina options if you want that vintage vibe without waiting for time to do its thing. And here’s the best bit, zinc is recyclable, so if your roof decides to retire after a long, fulfilling life, it can get a second act in another form.

Who knew the roofing range was so wide, and this is just the beginning!  The best choice depends on your specific needs and our advice. If you have a particular roof type in mind or specific requirements communicate that with us and we can incorporate it into the design. Our architectural team regularly participates in CPDs to keep their knowledge up to date on the variety of roof options available for Essex homeowners and beyond.


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