Green Light for Green Belt Development

2023-06-13 13:15:03

Being situated in the heart of the Essex countryside, we are often approached on how to secure planning permission for properties on Green Belt land.

In 2021, planning applications to build an additional 35,000 homes on UK Green Belts were submitted.

Obtaining planning permission on Green Belt land can be difficult, however, tapping into the expertise and knowledge of a local Architect means it is not impossible.

Of course, it is quite rare that you would see a new housing development pop up on Green Belt land however, contrary to what most homeowners think, Green Belt wasn’t designed to stop all development, but for the most part, used as a rule to limit the urban sprawl and protect our green and pleasant land.

In a recent project, our Architectural Designer – Tom Wiffen, supported a client who inherited a neglected bungalow within the Green Belt District of Epping Forest, with the desire to transform this property into a larger family home.

Bungalows are seen as a protected category within EFDC and therefore this challenging project required professional help to succeed in planning. Thankfully, this bungalow had not been extended beyond its original footprint. Historically, councils will allow a 40-50% extension over the original volume in planning terms. This meant in order to achieve the client’s vision, we had to further explore what was also achievable under permitted development rules.

With the first application, we submitted a prior approval application for a first floor above the original footprint of the bungalow. This is a new rule that the government introduced to allow homeowners to further extend and improve their property. There are strict rules that must be adhered to, to gain consent and an extended criteria that must be met.

A second application was also submitted under permitted development for the construction of a single-storey side and two single-storey rear extensions providing additional ground-floor living space for this growing family.  Within the application, we included in the agreement that the materials for all extensions would match the existing property and include the same roof pitch.

After a rapid 4-month start-to-end process between Epping Forest District Council and the successful navigation of the planning rules and regulations by MP Architects LLP, permission has been granted to transform this property and more than double its original size.

When the project is completed this summer, our client will be living in a beautiful family home, nestled within stunning Green Belt land.  

Successfully transforming a tired bungalow into a wonderful place to live with space and luxury living for everyone.

Approaching your project with an experienced Architect that can easily navigate the rules, helps you gain permission to make sensible additions to your home or to replace it with something suitably larger on Green Belt land.

By working with us, obtaining planning permission for your Green Belt land can be easier and quicker than you think.

Author: Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP

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