The Green Homes Grant

2023-06-13 12:09:33

The Gift of a Greener Home

Rishi Sunak’s announcement of the ‘Green Homes Grant’ has been applauded by Homeowners, Landlords and the Home Improvements Industry, alike.

This landmark grant aims to create better environmentally efficient homes, reduce the UK carbon footprint, lower energy bills, and boost the economy of the home improvement industry!

Energy-saving measures such as insulating your home are the key focus of the scheme. So if poor insulation has you reaching for an extra duvet during the winter months, it is quite probable that you could be eligible for the grant.

The ‘Green Homes Grant’ wants to support the ongoing efforts to become a net-zero nation by helping homeowners upgrade their properties with energy-saving features, and the good news is mostly all Homeowners and Landlords will be eligible.

Understanding the Grant

In most cases, a voucher of up to £5,000 will be rewarded, whilst those on lower incomes can be eligible for up to £10,000. For those who aren’t categorised under a lower income, the vouchers will be worth up to a maximum of £5,000 but may only cover 2/3 of the total cost.

You must select one or more of the below primary measures under the scheme.

Primary measures

•          Air or ground source heat pumps

•          Solar thermal

•          Solid wall, under-floor, cavity wall, loft, flat roof, room-in-room, or roof insulation

To qualify for a secondary measure, you need to have one of the primary measures carried out and the cost of the secondary measures must not exceed that of the primary measure(s).

Secondary measures

•          Upgrading doors to energy-efficient alternatives (replacement of doors fitted before 2002)

•          Draught proofing

•          Double glazing, triple glazing, and secondary glazing

•          Hot water tank/appliance tank thermostats/heating controls, as well as thermostatic radiator valves, smart heating controls, or zone controls

This means that, if your application meets the above criteria, you are authorised to use the vouchers against the cost of:

•         Double-glazed windows

•         Triple-glazed windows

•          Secondary glazing (helpful if in a conservation area where rules don’t permit adjustments to the look and feel of a property)

•         Energy-efficient doors

Time to Act

Applications for the ‘Green Homes Grant’ Scheme open at the end of September and are due to end in March 2021.  If you think you may be eligible for a claim as part of your next home renovation plan, you can apply via the Simple Energy Advice website.

You need to include a quote from a locally approved installer, listed on the SEA website and once the application is approved a voucher will be issued to you.

It’s not often you get given a financial helping hand to support some much-needed home renovations, so make the most of it and register your application.

For more information on how your ‘Green Home Grant’ can supplement your next home development project or for advice on local Trades that are supporting the scheme, please contact our team of expert RIBA accredited Architects.

Author: Jessica Parkes

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