The Benefits Conversions and Extensions Bring

2023-06-13 10:46:18

The benefits conversions and extensions offer, in terms of improving your existing living space can be considerable.

Why consider a residential home extension or conversion and not move?

Homeowners with a growing family, or those who wish to look after ageing parents, often find themselves compromised on space but many do not wish to move.  They are comfortable with their existing home and they like its location; are familiar with the area, have easy access to local amenities and/or their place of work and have good supportive networks in place. They do not wish to go through the inevitable stress and strain that selling their existing property, along with finding and moving to a different one, entails.

Cost can also be a major factor when deciding whether to move or improve the existing living space. While extending or converting parts of a property will certainly incur significant costs, it could represent better value for money than the upheaval of leaving an existing property and securing a new one.

Whether to extend…

The amount of available space relating to your existing land and property can be a significant factor when deciding to convert or extend.

Those with an ample area around their property will often choose to extend. For them, subject to planning permissions, space to build on is not an issue.

Extensions can just be a simple ground floor extension to the back of the property or be much grander, incorporating a double-storey wrap-around extension.  They can accommodate one or more of the following:

  • An additional lounge
  • Additional bedrooms
  • A larger kitchen
  • Additional bathrooms
  • A conservatory
  • A self-contained annexe for older family members or visiting guests.

Extensions can be subtle and in keeping with the original look of the home or represent a complete facelift and update.

Or convert…?

Those with less space to work with but in need of additional facilities can still improve their living space by changing the interior design of their home. This can include:

  • Adding an additional bedroom and bathroom or home office/study room or playroom for younger family members over a garage
  • The conversion of a loft or cellar into a productive living space
  • Enclosing open patio space to form a conservatory
  • Converting an integral garage into a living space
  • Removing dividing walls to create a more open-plan kitchen, dining and seating area.

Experienced, professional assistance is a must:

Those with no experience in these respects are strongly recommended not to attempt a ‘DIY’ extension or conversion without seeking the advice of experienced professionals.

Architectural design companies with a solid reputation and an extensive portfolio of previous projects are considered the “go-to” group for many of those looking to increase the living area and value of their home. They offer experienced advice in terms of different design options that make the best use of the available space and will deal with the, sometimes complex, local planning requirements and mandatory building regulations.


Should you choose, professional architectural practice can be your one-stop-shop in terms of design and planning, recommending quality local building professionals, dealing with planning applications, permissions and building regulations as well as offering project management expertise.

The knowledge that an architectural design firm can bring to the project will give you peace of mind. Employing their project management services will mean that while work is being completed you are regularly kept up to date with progress.  They will endeavour to ensure that agreed timescales and budgets are being met. The benefits of utilising such a service, should not be overlooked by anyone considering undertaking a large project on their existing home.

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