Navigating Essex Planning Fees : A Quick Guide by MP Chartered Architects

2024-01-04 12:33:31
Securing planning permission in Essex for your dream project just got a little clearer with the release of new data on planning fees. Whether you’re envisioning a new home or homes, an extension, or a minor tweak to your existing property, understanding the costs involved is crucial.
Let’s break it down for you:
Full Planning – £642 for one house or £1220 for two houses
Householder Planning – £322
Prior Approval Larger Home Extension – £184
Prior Approval (Additional Floor) – £184
Non-material Amendment (Householder) – £43
Non-material Amendment (Other) – £357
Approval of Condition (Householder) – £43
Approval of Condition (Other) – £209
Lawful Development Certificate – £193
Planning for Permission: A Strategic Approach
Site Assessment
Begin by reviewing your site and understanding its constraints. This lays the foundation for a educated planning process.
Select the Right Architects:
Invest in the best architect that you can afford, preferably a local RIBA Chartered practice with strong connections to the local planning department. Their knowledge and relationships can help streamline the approval process.
Realistic Vision:
Be realistic about your needs, desires, and budget. To avoid disappointment, propose a plan to the local planning department that aligns with your aspirations, budget and their guidelines.
Comprehensive Submission:
Ensure your detailed planning application includes ample information, emphasising any environmentally friendly aspects to the build and specifying the types of materials you intend to use.
Be Patient
Understand that obtaining planning permission in Essex can be a lengthy process. Discuss realistic time frames with your architect to manage your  expectations and to help you plan ahead accordingly.
By following these steps and being mindful of the new Epping Forest planning fees, you can embark on your home development project with confidence.
MP Chartered Architects is an RIBA practice in Ongar that can guide you through the intricate process, ensuring a smooth journey for your home project.
*Data source – The planning portal December 2023

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