MP Chartered Architects Triumphs in Green Belt Planning again and again

2024-01-23 12:11:28

Our highly skilled team has had noteworthy recent successes in securing planning permission within the Epping Forest Green Belt.

Securing planning permission within the Green Belt is no small feat. The stringent regulations in place demand a delicate balance between urban development and the preservation of natural landscapes, whilst understanding many rules and regulations that can support your application.

See how MP Chartered Architects succeeded with these recent challenges by integrating sustainable design practices, energy-efficient technologies, and a commitment to minimising environmental impact.

Home Extension – Ongar, Essex
Planning consent was granted for a two-storey rear extension under permitted development! This large family home is located in the green belt and has a history of extensive extensions. With our support and architectural expertise it is set for a remarkable transformation. Thanks to permitted development, rules, and regulations, we have been able to unlock some great new possibilities!



Bungalow on Green Belt – Willingale, Essex
Bungalows are seen as a protected category within EFDC and therefore this project-required professional help to succeed. Historically, councils will allow 40-50% extension over the original footprint.  The incorporation of the ‘permitted development’ rights for householders, this allowed us to submit drawings for the first-floor extension with space for 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This was a great start to the application. A second application was then entered under the rules of a Certificate of Lawful Development (CLD); raised with the desire for a single-storey side and rear extensions to accommodate further family living space.  This also included planning permission for a detached garage building to the front of the site. After a rapid 4-month process between Epping Forest District Council and the successful navigation of the rules and regulations by MP Chartered Architects. Permission has been granted to transform this property in the Essex Green Belt zone and almost tripled its size.


New Dwelling – Ongar, Essex
Another success at gaining planning consent for this green belt gem! After a journey since 2019, navigating multiple applications and two appeals to demolish and convert this unpermitted structure, permission has been granted to transform this small outbuilding into a beautiful, detached dwelling!  Well worth the wait. These small insights showcase the architectural expertise of our brilliant team and also demonstrates our commitment to responsible development and is testament to our good working relationship with local district councils and planning offices across Essex.


Author: Jessica Parkes

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