Intelligent Living – A Home with a Brain!

2023-06-13 12:18:29

It’s the 21st century and most of us have some element of smart living in our homes. However, it was almost inconceivable 20 years ago to think we would be accessing daily life through a smartphone or tablet.   Now, downloading ‘on demand’ TV like Netflix to a smart TV, keeping track of deliveries through our doorbell, or spying on a beloved pooch with a ‘pet cam’ whilst out at work is just the norm. 

The latest figures and spending reports show that many of us are investing and upgrading our houses with extra control options for lighting, security systems, thermostats, and more to be better smart homes and more efficient. 

With technology in the home moving at such a pace our Architects are continually updating their knowledge with regular CPDs and networking with some of the best in business. We know how essential it is to understand the importance of designing technology future-proofed dwellings and the inevitable move from a ‘smart home’ to an ‘intelligent home’. 

Whilst smart homes provide remote access and greater efficiency, Intelligent home systems aim to give the home a brain and help to make our houses more secure, comfortable, and energy-efficient, observing how we live and work around us. 

The future of an intelligent home will have the ability to make complex decisions on the way we live by gathering information from our daily routines.  The intelligent home replicates human life and gives the dwelling a brain and the power to make informed choices. Your home will then make preconceived intelligent actions based on your living algorithms and lifestyle data. 

Envisage this…the alarm clock sounds at 6.30 am, and your intelligent home knows exactly what time you need to be up for work, as you walk to the bathroom the shower is already running at your preferred temperature and the coffee machine is getting warmed up to brew your flat white, ready to drink at precisely 6.53 am. At 7.13 am you climb into your fully charged electric car that is totally defrosted, with your heated steering wheel and seat warmed up just nicely. This is quite possibly the future we could all be living, making our lives easier, safer, and more efficient. 

Yes, it sounds like a technical minefield, but we understand the complexities and progress of home technology, the move from smart home to intelligent home and how it will work best for you now and in the impending future. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Author: Jessica Parkes

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