Infill Land Essex

2023-06-13 13:23:52

Infill plots represent gaps between properties that may offer an opportunity for development and can be found anywhere in cities, towns, and rural land.  

There are many types of potential infill land available in your area such as side gardens, access routes to properties or land that seem to have been abandoned, unused or disused.

Planning consent for this style of housing is highly dependent on the location and policies of the local planning department and the professional detail within the proposal.

There are numerous opportunities for infill development in Essex with the scope to be a sound investment for a Developer or a fantastic option for a new home.

MP Chartered Architects has claimed several planning successes in Essex for infill development.

Our expert architectural support has helped others to convert and utilise the awkward or small spaces between existing properties and transform them into new homes or buildings.

If you have a planning opportunity that reflects infill development, we would be pleased to take a look and advise you on what we believe can be achieved on your land.

This is a recent planning proposal by Tom Wiffen for an infill plot in Toot Hill in the Essex Greenbelt in which limited infilling is allowed. We are confident that our detailed application will be favourable and permission will be granted shortly.

Author: Jessica Parkes

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