Essex Wildlife Trust Bronze Member 2020

2023-06-13 12:03:23

M P Architects LLP is delighted to have received our Bronze Certificate from Essex Wildlife Trust for the year 2020.  This marks the 25th year we have been a bronze member of the Essex Wildlife Trust!

The location of our office and the majority of our projects are based in Essex. It is important for our architects to ensure our design helps and Protect Wildlife for the Future and for the people of Essex.

What is Essex Wildlife Trust?

Essex Wildlife Trust was established in 1959 and is the county’s leading conservation charity. It has more than 39,000 members, manages and protects over 8,400 acres of land across 87 nature reserves. It is one of the largest of the 47 county wildlife trusts that work together throughout the British Isles and is supported financially by members, local businesses and grant-making organisations. We’re extremely proud to be a corporate member of the trust, whose aim is to Protect Wildlife for the Future and for the people of Essex.

How to design a new development with Wildlife in mind?

If you are thinking about building or converting a house, the Council may require you to see a Phase 1 Habitat Survey Report with the planning application.  M P Architects works with a number of local Environmental and Ecologist Consultants, who can carry this work out for you.

The report consists of data research within 2KM of the site designated for nature conservation or scientific interest, and survey analysis for existing habitats, species such as bats, dormice, reptiles, badgers, birds, plants, etc.  Which will outline any constraints from findings and provides recommendations on the type of construction/digging, materials and landscaping to protect the animals on site.

If you have a project in mind that is located in a conservation area, why not give us a call to discuss how we can help?  M P Architects LLP are a RIBA and ARB registered friendly team of 8 architectural staff who provide professional advice and services.

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