Epping Forest Committee Meeting Success

2023-06-13 13:23:15

88% Success Rate in local Committee Meetings 

Planning committee meetings are public sessions that take place every 4-8 weeks, where local councillors meet to decide whether a planning application should be approved, rejected, or have planning conditions or planning obligations attached to them.   

MP Chartered Architects are on hand to help you navigate the planning permission process for your home development project, every step of the way. 

Any member of the public can attend a planning committee meeting to listen in on the case delivered by its representatives.   

Every application to be considered is listed on the agenda with a planning report of vital details prepared by local authority Planning Officers. 

The committee consider each case in order as per the agenda and if the case is successful then permission can be granted instantly at the meeting. 

Committee meetings like these are routine for our team of expert RIBA Chartered Architects and Designers. 

In 2022 we achieved an 88% success rate at local planning committee meetings.   

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Author: Jessica Parkes

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