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2023-06-13 13:14:02

Martyn Pattie and MP Architects LLP have been delivering outstanding Architectural design to our local Essex community for over 35 years. We know that finding the right Architect for your development project is the foundation of its success.  

As an established local provider of exceptional Architectural design to the Essex Community, it is a daily occurrence for our team to pass completed historical projects when en route to a new job or site visit.  

Last week, whilst heading to a client appointment, Kate Murray took advantage of the beautiful blue sky to take some snaps of one of her past projects. The ‘change of use’ brownfield site occupying a small timber yard, into three delightful, four-bed detached homes.  

This job came with a number of challenges.  Firstly an inherited project from an alternative Architect back in 2013, add into the mix, a ‘Change of Use’ application, Green Belt restrictions, navigating the complexities of brownfield land development, a previous planning refusal for the request of an unrealistic development, more new plans and further revisions, Kate certainly had her work cut out and a long process ahead of her on this one.  

However, working in partnership with her clients, demonstrating expertise, resilience, and determination she pushed this project over the finish line and onto the market.  

Kate commented, “After a long journey, these glorious pictures I captured last week show all three houses looking established, sold, and occupied, giving me a real sense of achievement.” 

If you have an unfinished housing development project that has hit a stumbling block, we are the specialists who can help you see it through to completion. 

Author: Jessica Parkes

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