Change of Use – A Building of Greener Choice

2023-06-13 12:52:37

MP Architects LLP are experts in ‘change of use projects’. We have helped many property owners successfully obtain planning permission to turn redundant premises into better buildings. 

It can indeed be challenging to design and restore a ‘change of use’ project as opposed to starting from scratch. 

Change of use can provide fantastic opportunities to take the lead on greener buildings whilst adding architectural character and difference to a previously unsuccessful building. 

From an environmental viewpoint, retaining elements that already exist will always benefit from a reduced carbon footprint rather than demolishing and starting again. 

By using an experienced architect, the benefits to the cost and the environment that can be involved with demolition and waste can be navigated much more successfully. 

In a recent local change of use project, our client identified a fantastic investment by acquiring a disused church which had been empty for 8 years as new premises for his growing international phonics, publishing business. 

The project required this building to be adapted internally on an epic scale, providing office space and warehousing for this thriving company. The aim of keeping most of the basic structure in place and most of its original features as opposed to a complete rebuild with new footings and external walls has helped keep originality and gave the project a greener aspect. 

Senior Architect, Kate Murray successfully worked on this exciting change of use project at St Elizabeth’s church, from concept to completion. 

“It has been a pleasure to be a part of the design adaptation and shaping of this building. A challenging and rewarding project that included retaining and restoring many of the original features and the inclusion of a stunning mezzanine floor with glazed balustrading. This project is now a centre of operational excellence, creating a delightful place for Chris and the Jolly Learning team to work”. 

A stunning finish, bringing a beautiful building back to life. 

Author: Jessica Parkes

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