Building A Granny Flat

2023-06-13 11:21:06

There are some real benefits to be had when building a granny flat as an annexe to your main property, but careful consideration is required before moving forward.

Here’s why it makes a lot of sense for many families, some things to be aware of, and who can assist with such a project.

Rising property prices & high care home fees:

Due to the ever-rising price of properties and spiralling care home fees, many families are turning to multigenerational living. This option allows families to join forces and either set up a home with older relatives or invite them to live on land they own.

If any proof of this trend is required, one simply needs to look at the Valuation Office Agency statistics between 2014 & 2016. The provision of granny annexes in England and Wales increased by 39%.

Benefits of this type of arrangement:

There are a host of benefits from this type of arrangement. It ensures that elderly relatives are close at hand, they can integrate with the family, any medical or care requirements can be more easily tended to, and a far greater peace of mind for all concerned is generally achieved.

Building a self-contained annexe on your property also gives those moving into it a secure feeling of independence while benefitting from comfort in the knowledge that their loved ones are close by.

This is surely far better than moving them to a care home or worrying about how they are coping as a couple or individually.

While an ageing population is growing it also means that people in their old age are far more active than in the past. This means that many can also contribute to the well-being of the whole family in a host of different ways.

DIY construction is not a general recommendation:

Unless you or a family member are experienced in the home-building trade and are aware of planning laws and regulations it is strongly recommended that you involve a well-respected architect in your plans.

They will have experience of what is required from start to finish of a newly built annexe. They can also advise on, and apply for any necessary planning permission.

Different designs for a proposed annexe will be professionally produced dependent on your requirements and budgets, and where necessary, many architects offer project management expertise to see things through from beginning to end.

Whatever you do, do seek advice:

It is important to understand exactly where both parties stand when it comes to this type of arrangement, who is most suited to bearing costs, and to consider the requirements of your elders.

A simple example of requirements is the decision to build an annexe on one-floor only; as in a bungalow style. While your elderly relatives may be agile and fit enough to bound up and down stairs when they move in, it is important to remember that this may not always be the case!

Organisations for the elderly are an excellent source of information when it comes to such practicalities and giving general advice, but when it comes to the design and arranging relevant planning permissions for building a granny flat, an architect is certainly worthy of full inclusion.

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