Barn Conversion – A beautiful family home

2023-06-13 12:21:27

The residents of a farmhouse near Roydon also owned a disused barn on their land that had been used in the past for dog kennels and stabling. The barn always had the scope and potential to be converted into a beautiful family home. In 2012 MP Architects LLP was appointed and successful in obtaining planning permission for the barn conversion in Essex.

In 2017 the barn was subsequently sold and the new owners re-commissioned MP Architects LLP to make amendments to the original design. We revised the plans and obtained further planning permission to add an extra bedroom, change the internal layout, and move the living space to the opposite end of the building to create better views and more privacy.

The design and drawings were somewhat challenging. An unusual kink in the plan and the eaves line meant that first-floor rooms had a pitched roof starting approximately one metre above the new first-floor level. All window and door openings had to be within the spaces of the original barn timber structure.

The unique staircase was designed with steps in both directions leading to the front and rear hallways. The double-height living room established an air of luxury living and space with attractive viewing windows from the upper bedrooms.

The desire for a characterful ‘open living’ space that met with fire regulations was achieved with an ‘Imist’ water sprinkler system.

Working with approved builders FA Lane, we are thrilled with the finished result. The completed barn conversion is a beautiful, bright, and airy home with original features maintained, giving the home a truly unique appearance.

Since the completion of the barn conversion, we have also obtained permission for a fabulous annexe on the grounds, which has been completed and is now a brilliant space for entertaining.

This magnificent barn is a fantastic example of creating a striking interior within the parameters of original features.

MP Architects LLP specialises in Barn Conversions. Over 8 years from 2013 to 2021, we fully understood the potential of this property, gained 3 planning permissions, and made numerous applications to planning for the approval of the many conditions on these sites.

Author: Jessica Parkes

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