Project Management Makes Dreams Real

2023-06-13 10:50:14

When it comes to major home remodelling projects, building the dream home, or an investment new build, many clients have ideas that develop and thoughts that expand.  For those who actually get to the challenging starting line of construction, it is worth investigating the value of architectural project management before the starter’s gun is fired.

Making an early, positive decision:

Having the courage to turn ideas and thoughts into reality must be applauded, but unless you have extensive all-round building skills, a very clear understanding of planning laws and building regulations along with a substantial amount of free time throughout the project life-cycle there is an option that should be seriously considered, this is to appoint an architectural project manager whose brief will be full involvement from the first meeting to a final project sign-off that meets with your approval.

Here are some of the many reasons why:

The ‘picture’ is far bigger than many expect:

The actual scope, complexity and number of steps to be taken into account for a major project from day one are quite startling and need to be comprehensively understood.

An architect is professionally qualified and has been specifically trained for such projects. An intimate knowledge of the steps required and processes involved should ensure that your agreed requirements are met in the agreed timescales.

They also have vision and flair in terms of design as well as an eye for detail. This should be clearly seen once the initial meeting has seen you provide an outline in terms of your requirements, the project scope, specific features, and expectations in terms of its purpose and functionality.

Based on this information the architect will draw up initial plans. As the project progresses so will the number of drawings. Each new drawing will contain additional details. You will also be given written specifications to back up these schematics.

Handling the dreaded paperwork:

An architect has an intimate understanding of the specific rules and regulations that may apply and is aware of when a particular certification is required. Equally as important is their extensive knowledge of building materials.

This will ensure that the most appropriate materials are used and in the event of any structural problems being encountered, they have the knowledge to resolve them by offering alternate solutions that will also require appropriate paperwork completion.

By handing over responsibility for the submission and approval of all necessary paperwork to your architect you are saving yourself time, and money and avoiding any potential stress such demands may bring.

Initial workforce coordination:

An experienced architect will coordinate the construction professionals involved. Before the major work commences he will ensure everyone understands their responsibilities.

The plans drawn up by your architect are the masters. These should be followed by all concerned. Any deviation from the master plans shall be noted and it will then be the responsibility of the architect to take up such issues and find a solution that meets the master requirements.

Going the whole hog!

It is an accepted practice to contract the services of an architect up to and including the design phase. From there you would then seek the services of construction professionals for project completion.

However, there are architects who offer a complete project management service for an additional fee. Their responsibility will be the successful coordination and completion of all construction work. They will hire the necessary construction workers, be responsible for drawing up a detailed work schedule and sign off work as each task and stage is successfully completed.

Utilising this one-stop-shop service adds to the true value of architectural project management and is certainly worthy of serious investigation.

Please feel free to discuss our full project management services during our initial visit or before you start your project.

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