Archaeological Excavation Update

2023-06-13 13:28:14

Exciting discoveries are being made at the ongoing excavation near the 12th Century Motte and Bailey Ongar castle which was occupied until the 16th century! Our team of archaeologists has unearthed intriguing artefacts shedding light on the rich history of Essex.

We stumbled upon several fragments of medieval pottery, transporting us back to the 12th century. These intricate pieces provide valuable insights into the lives and craftsmanship of the people who once inhabited this area. Alongside the medieval pottery, we have unearthed additional pottery fragments. These pieces span various periods, indicating the diverse human activity that took place within this area throughout history.

In an unexpected turn, we also discovered a part of an old dog jaw nestled within an ancient ditch. It’s fascinating to imagine how this canine companion might have roamed these grounds centuries ago, offering a unique glimpse into the relationship between humans and animals during that era.

We also come across some well-preserved brick foundations that appear to be of a more recent origin. These structures likely relate to more recent constructions in the vicinity, providing us with a glimpse into the evolving architectural landscape over time.

While these discoveries are significant in terms of historical value, they will not impede development progress. Our dedicated team is employing careful methodologies to ensure that the excavation continues meticulously and thoroughly.

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