5 Questions When Hiring Architects

2023-06-13 10:54:03

When you have a building project, looking for an architect is the first thing you do. This expert helps you put your vision on paper. After some due diligence, you may come up with a list of potential architectural practices to hire. Before you rush into making any decision, the following is a list of five important questions that you should ask. This way, you will be in a position to choose the most suitable architectural firm for your project.

1. What is your overall experience in the sector?

This question will seek to learn several things, First, you want to know the design philosophy of the firm. Then, you want to know why the company is better than other companies that have similar experiences. You will also seek to find out whether the company has relevant experience to tackle your project. Still, on experience, ask for their portfolio so that you can confirm whether indeed they have the capacity and skill to tackle your project. Find out who the contact person is for the company.

2. What is your professional take on my project?

Ask the architect company relevant questions regarding your project. First, find out whether they will make it a priority if granted the job. Also, ask about the challenges the firm might foresee regarding your project. Know whether there are special considerations or issues that should be made a priority. Here, ask about the timelines for the project. Inquire about the means that will be used to get all needed information about the project goals and needs. Also, find out how they intend to break down the project and execute it. Will there be models, animations or drawings? All these pertain to your project.

3. What does the designing process entail?

Here, learn about the process of designing that the company intends to use. Know whether there will be priorities for design decisions and what you are expected to provide. In this regard, establish whether the construction will be disruptive and find out whether you will work with the contractor directly or the architects during construction.

4. Do you accommodate ‘green’ or sustainable design?

These days, green designs are becoming more and more popular. This is in an effort to have a more sustainable life. Ask the company whether they have any provision for green designs and how they implement the same. Learn whether this option will affect the overall budget. This way, you can weigh your options and make a decision to go green, how far you can ‘go green’, or not. Above all, the firm should give you details on the best practices in this regard.

5. What are the costs?

First, find out the overall fees for the services to be provided. Also, inquire whether there are additional fees that are incurred and under what circumstances. Find out how the fees will be affected if the project was to deviate from an earlier plan. Know how the fees will be justified and how the communication will be made. At this point, ask about their experience in completing projects with the original budget.

As you can see, there are key considerations to take into account. The practice that is happy to discuss these questions with you should be one to add to your ‘to hire’ list.  M P Architects is always pleased to include these issues during our initial visit discussions.  Please feel free to contact our office on 01277 364979.

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